omg this is my first time on tumblr in 4 months

and it’s dark in a cold december but i got you to keep me warm



movember more like NOvember

i’m such an idiot




my mom used her computer and i borrowed it to look for this file i saved before and i looked at her browsing history and

wow ur mom must be a computer genius in a movie what with the speed of her searches

Glee Cast + Halloween on set

Josh Hutcherson | Good Morning America 


#but can we take a moment to appreciate how tony has taken the time to program a trash can like this


you guys complain about the symbols your english teachers pick out of novels yet you guys do in-depth analyses of three-frame facial expressions


i’m trying to untag myself in this picture on fb and idk why this option made me laugh so hard but odmg



i just realized they call a show’s first episode its pilot because it’s the first thing that puts them on air

Need a laugh? This blog is just what you need!

Need a laugh? This blog is just what you need!